Premiera — Crow Vendetta – Earth Tones

Kolejny już raz mamy przyjemność zaprosić do premierowego odsłuchu singla spod znaku warszawskiego labelu i kolektywu – Intruder Alert. Tym razem gościmy mieszkającego w Nowym Jorku multiinstrumentalistę – Crow Vendetta z wiolonczelowym utworem “Earth Tones”. 

Crow Vendetta: 

“This project started by sitting in a bar, next to someone I didn’t know. We started talking because we had a mutual interest in something: the different types of chainmaille weaves and their construction. That mutual interest became, in a way, an analog of this project. Taking one link, and closing it around another, and then taking another and interlacing those two simultaneously… and before you know it you have not rings, but a drape-able textured cloth, something very different, but reflective of the units that make it up.

Music is like that, and ideas are like that. You take pieces of things, wisps of thought, and you weave them into a fabric that does not always reveal its construction. The music of this piece is based around a concept that I gleaned from a book called the Cosmic Octave by Hans Cousto: that the movements of the heavenly bodies (earth, moons, planets) can be transcribed by octaves into audible sound and even color.

The piece consists largely of three notes, played in this order: G, C#, and F. The note G is harmonious with the rotation of the Earth on its axis (a day), and is said to be connected to the physical, the material, and the preservation of the body. C# is resonant with an Earth year, and thus is believed to enrich the soul. Indian classical music is often played against a C# drone. F is resonant with a platonic year, which is the time it takes the Earth’s tilted axis to describe a circle, around 25,000 years. This note is of importance in far eastern music, and is thought to clarify the spirit; the eastern philosophies of Buddhism and Confucianism being heavily focused on wit, and a transcendence of thoughts and emotions- acknowledging that there is something beyond your body and even your soul. My aim was to see how we could journey from the body, deep into the soul, up into the spirit, and then represent that journey simultaneously through a chord. For references of exact hertz and more information on The Cosmic Octave visit

Paulapart (the one from the bar…) makes acoustic sculptures, when they’re not making chainmaille, that are based on fractal spiral equations. When I learned this from them, I knew I needed to try what I was doing through these totally unique speakers. (

This piece was recorded live at their studio, setup with 6 acoustic shell speakers surrounding an audience that grew progressively quieter as I continued playing. The ambient noise of people speaking and moving is incidental.

Around the time I started thinking about releasing this recording, I saw an exhibition by Justin Suazo titled “Piezo Flora”, and got to have an in depth conversation about the piezo print head process. I was struck by the parallels between my own cello piezo pickup (piezo: meaning to squeeze or press), and the reproductive aspect of his process. I do a lot looping sound live, changing speeds and playback direction, and his art is in a way a loop of an image, printing the likeness of paper towels that have been used to clean a print head, using that very same print head.

So I seek here to weave these scraps of interest, pieces of a dream, into a maille that reveals to you a kind of truth. Hopefully a sense of transcendence, an emissary into a place unknown, but with the strange comfort of home.”

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