Podszepty — BORN IN FLAMEZ [eng]


Born in Flamez


1.What is your mission when you create music? 


I think there’s 2 levels to that:


On the side of content/narrative:


I try to make the listeners feel something, take them on a kind of fantastical journey, thru some quite abstract and some very concrete emotions. Good music to me takes me elsewhere – creates a rupture from the everyday and makes you focus on your perception – if only for a moment and if only to be overwhelmed.


On the side of technique:


I always try to challenge myself, i am very quickly bored and super impatient- which is why i start about 100 tracks and only finish very few. I don’t like to repeat myself and i set myself challenges for each new track .these can be music theory related: like make a song with a 7/8 beat that sounds like a 4/4 (50down) or make a sad song in c major or a happy one in e flat minor. 


Or related to production techniques which is what i am focussing on right now. My next EP will contain 3 tracks that are focussing on sound/production more then on music theory – i have given myself the constraints of making tracks with not more then 15stems and to try to create smth very minimal and beautiful but powerful.



2.How would you describe your work in three sentences? 


I am making emotional electronic music with a strong narrative. I mix cheesy elements of pop with classical choir music and theme songs with clubby beats and ephemeral textures and heady ideas. I try to be as earnestly political as i can, whilest not taking myself too serious.


3.What kind of emotion are you searching for in music? 


It depends on what kind of music. My own music:


Empathy. Smth that makes me feel at home.  Smth that grounds me and calms me and lets me dive deep but also lets me be attentive to it’s structure if i feel like focusing on that. 


Club music: euphoria, a feeling of having found smth new, catharsis, empathy


4. How the music of the future is going to sound? In what form is it going to be?


I think in these next years we’re going to see a lot of people going back to atmospheric and beautiful sounds maybe a new minimal era is coming up. After the death of deconstructed club and the ongoing choking threats of global warming and catastrophe, it feels like people are longing for smth deeper again. 


On the dancefloor i feel like after Gabber and Psy trance, breakbeats are making a comeback in the club even DnB. In the farer future, probably a lot of AI constructed stuff. I hope machines will bring a radically new approach to rhythm and spew out smth out of the usual 4/4 onto our globalized dancefloor/living rooms.  I don’t think that virtual experineces will ever make up for raves unless the air is so toxic you won’t be able to leave your house anymore. So lets hope that in some form or another a kind of dance/hall /ball/room/ ware/house/ club/discotheque will still be there on even if you can select your own songs via some comms systems – we will all still want to dance together.

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